HoW To: Beachy Hair Waves Made Easy

I love when the weather is warm enough outside again that I can let my hair dry naturally to get beachy waves. It’s so much faster than drying/straightening my hair and is so much healthier for my locks. It’s also my husband’s preferred look on me which is a bonus. Since I have a lot of hair I’ll take not having to blow-dry it any day!

I’m often asked how I achieve the beachy hair look, so I wanted to share my super simple routine with all of you. It has taken me years to find the right products and technique that work on me so results might vary of course. I can’t count how many times I’ve splurged on a new product only to use it once or twice before tossing it.

The Products:

Purple Shampoo: Matrix – Total Results Brass Off

Conditioner: Matrix – Total Results Brass Off

Dry Shampoo: Lush – No Drought

Leave-In Conditioner: It’s a 10 Miracle Leave in Product

Brush: Neverland Beauty – Bamboo Detangling and Anti-Static Brush

Hair Turban – Norwex Hair Wrap

My Routine:

Step 1: I give my hair a very good brushing before heading into the shower, making sure to detangle all knots. This is the last time I brush it until I style it again.

The biggest tip that I can share with you to help you keep the wavy look is not to brush your hair after it’s wet! I know that sounds ridiculous (and slightly disgusting) but it’s true. Touching it too much can ruin the waves.

Step 2: I wash and rinse my hair twice using the purple shampoo. The first time is quick with a small amount just to help remove any oils and left over dry shampoo. The 2nd time lathers much more and I scrub my scalp thoroughly, leaving the shampoo in for at least 5 min while I wash my face, shave, etc.

Purple shampoo is key to help me maintain my ashy blonde colour. I’ve tried many purple shampoos and Matrix’s Brass Off is the winner hands down. It takes the yellow out of my hair while giving me the desired silver look, without turing it purple. It also isn’t too harsh on my hair like other purple shampoos I’ve tried.

Step 3: After rinsing the shampoo out I apply a generous amount of conditioner all over my hair and leave this in for another 5 min before rinsing.

Step 4: When I’m finished showering I ring out any excess water and gently run through it with my fingers, taking out any knots or snags. I wrap my hair using just a regular towel while I continue to dry off.

Step 5: After gently towel drying my hair I wrap it in my hair turban and let my hair dry more in the wrap while I finish getting ready.

Step 6: I remove the turban, put my head upside down and use my fingers to shake my hair close to the scalp. The I flip my head up and do the same. This helps for it to fall into place. If there are any snags I gently detangle with my fingers.

Step 7: I apply a generous amount of the leave in conditioner to my palm and run it though the bottom 3/4 of my hair while scrunching, being careful not to get it too close to the roots. I don’t apply it on my roots as it makes them look greasy.

Step 8: I continue to scrunch my hair occasionally while drying. Being careful not to touch it too much though. I find less is more when it comes to beachy waves.

In Between Washes:

Because I have very thick hair I can get away with only washing it once or twice a week. It starts to get a little greasy by day 4 or 5 though so this is where the dry shampoo comes in. I sprinkle it in my hands and run it through my hair and over my scalp as needed. If my hair gets very tangly between washing I will gently brush it and use a little more leave-in conditioner to style.

While I am all about using as many natural products as possible I have yet to find any natural products that work when it comes to my hair, other than Lush’s Dry Shampoo which is natural, cruelty-free and vegan. It’s a 10 is also cruelty free. But I don’t know if a natural purple shampoo exists. I’ve tried Monat hair products as well as Arbonne and they just didn’t work for me. What about you? Do you have any natural hair product suggestions? Leave me a comment below!

Naturally, Krissy – xo

2 thoughts on “HoW To: Beachy Hair Waves Made Easy

  1. Lush does have blue shampoo bar.. but I found it very drying *I had to load the conditioner to my hair *
    The next one I tried … was aveda a blue Malva and I liked it.. but didn’t looove it
    Tbh… to find a naturally derived violet shampoo would be tough.. the ph in those are quite high.. hence why they lighten and kill the brass so easy
    One I’m really digging is milk shake violet shampoo …
    I use it as a treatment .. and mix 1 part shampoo with olaplex and apply to towel dried hair and let sit for 15 minutes… then shampoo/mask/condition … this is like 1x a week thing.. .. obviously my hair is not a natural blonde … soo it needs lots of love..
    My hair is also quite thick… even after cutting a good 8” off… and with being lighter now I can get away with 1-2 washes a week… since aveda launches the new hair refresher.. it’s been a game changer post gym… I typically keep dry shampoo for that very last day before o HAVE to wash
    Thank you for your post!!! I’ve been trying to make my hair do it’s own thing forever and may try out the leave in you mentioned 🙂


  2. Thanks for sharing Krissy! I love Lush No Drought dry shampoo and Norwex Hair Turban too!!!

    I use OLIGO BACKLIGHT shampoo for brassiness. It has amino acids and argan oil to moisturize and strengthen your hair. It is also sulfate and paraben free which is a huge must! MONAT COLOUR ENHANCE
    PERFECTLY PLATINUM shampoo and conditioner are also favourites. It has a blend of botanical actives and natural phytopigments derived from lavender, violet and a few others to enhance blonde colour.

    I use PUREOLOGY COLOUR FANATIC MULTI-TASKING HAIR BEAUTIFIER spray prior to styling. It does it all with 21 benefits including detangling, preventing split ends, protects against heat and more. Plus, it is vegan, sulfate and paraben free too. I am curious about the IT’S A 10 MIRACLE LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER SPRAY and might check it out.

    I also love a good oil! My two favourites are SHU UEMURA ESSENCE ABSOLUE and MONAT REJUVENIQE OIL INTENSIVE. Both are amazing for either pre-shampoo treatment or as a finishing treatment to smooth ends and flyaways. I also use the Rejuveniqe on my face. A drop or two is all you need so it lasts forever.


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