Face mask, pros and cons.

Steel Homemade Facial Masks are the beauty-aggression and choice of many women to keep their face at its best. Not only do they allow us to save money and be able to pamper ourselves in an easy way and with ingredients available to everyone, but with these natural ingredients the skin gets powerful key nutrients to restore the skin.

Advantages of facial masks

they are not expensive

Homemade face masks are very inexpensive and easy to make from ingredients that are always available in the kitchen. Unlike pre-made products and treatments, which can cost a fortune.
they are natural.

A big plus is that they are natural. They contain no chemicals or preservatives. And it’s the perfect way to know exactly which treatment to apply to your skin and for what. In addition to natural access to the benefits of the ingredients.

They have great benefits

Not only are Natural Facial Masks perfect for relaxing after a long work routine, but they can really fix skin problems . Its cheap and affordable ingredients like honey, oats or yogurt can work wonders; nourishing, revitalizing and giving your skin the treatment it needs.

They are convenient and time-saving.

Usually with household chores, work and routine in general, we don’t have much time to take care of ourselves and worry about our skin. However, masks require simple ingredients that you can find in your closet from the comfort of your home. In addition, they are very quick and easy to make, and in just 10 minutes a day you will notice changes in your skin.

Disadvantages of face masks.

They don’t last long

Are stored in the refrigerator only The ingredients of the face mask for a few days. That’s why it’s important to make the most of them and do them in small amounts. Try to throw it away if it has been stored for a long time.

There are no high-tech ingredients in them.

While natural ingredients do wonders for your skin, it’s also wise to include high-tech ingredients in your self-care . The advantage of scientifically formulated products is that they contain ingredients that have more benefits than natural ingredients. You can alternate its use, though.

They are not for sensitive skin.

It is best to use homemade face masks if you have normal or oily skin. Sensitive skin can cause irritation from household ingredients. Although you can choose the ingredients carefully and test them before applying them directly to your face.

They can cause harm if they are not properly prepared

It is extremely important not to add any ingredients to your face, as they can have bad results. For example, although you have heard that aspirin is a good ingredient because of the salicylic acid it contains, avoid it at all costs as it can cause facial burns . You should choose natural ingredients whose properties you know about and which have been part of your diet.

Although it is important to consider the disadvantages of homemade face masks, with the right ingredients and preparation you can enjoy their great benefits without taking much time in your routine and with simple preparation that will allow you to show an incredible face, nourished and soft.

The boom in the world of oriental beauty has brought with it a product that has quickly become a global favorite: facial masks. Of course they have always existed, but tissue masks have increased in popularity in recent years , it is without a doubt one of the easiest and fastest ways to take care of your skin and pamper yourself. Care’. Their formulas are much more concentrated, so they work much more intensely than your average moisturizer. And yes, they make you feel amazing, like every day is a spa day at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Paris ( or is it just me? ).

The good news is that EVERYONE can use facial masks, regardless of your skin type. The offerings are unlimited, so there is always at least one to suit your needs. There are those that moisturize, relax, cleanse, purify pores, give a “glow”, relax expression lines, fight acne… In short, the list is endless, but the right mask will help you deeply care for your skin. We say this with complete confidence: every healthy skin care regimen includes at least one mask a month. Plus, the whole ritual of applying a face mask is incredibly relaxing, so it can be a real ritual to help you end (or start) your day on the right foot.

Now here’s the thing … Whether you use tissue masks , night masks , natural ingredients or a mixture of everything, do you know if you’re using them with the right frequency? And that’s something you’ve probably wondered: ** Will using them consistently enhance their benefits or, in fact, will it hurt your skin? ** There is no universal answer to this question, it will all depend on the type of mask.

The premise is this: depending on the active ingredients in the formula, the frequency with which you should apply them . Experts explain that if the main function of the mask is to moisturize, then you can apply it daily. If, on the other hand, you have more complex tasks, you will have to dose or alternate its use. If you’re not sure what benefits your product offers, take a look at the ingredients.

Antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, aloe vera and vitamins are perfect for everyday use without any restrictions. On the other hand, anti-acne, exfoliating and anti-aging products tend to contain more aggressive ingredients in their formula, so you should stick to the rules and use them no more than twice a week to avoid irritation.

In the same way, you should pay close attention to your skin type. If you have oily skin, excessive use of masks can lead to clogged pores and pimples, even if the product is only intended to moisturize. If that is your case, you should limit its use to three times a week. On the other hand, if you have dry skin, moisturizing masks will always be a definite yes.

So if you can’t wait to give your skin an extra boost , don’t forget to read the ingredients on the package. Every night can be a mask night, if you choose the right product for you. Learn to listen to the needs of your skin, and let’s make “masking” a responsible practice. Indulge yourself!


  • Penetrating Effect . They benefit not only the surface layers of your skin, but also the deeper layers, providing protection and nourishment .
  • Pore-expanding . They help to clear the pores to prevent the appearance of blackheads and pimples .
  • effective enzymes . based facial masks plant extracts have enzymes that help eliminate keratinized cells.
  • They improve blood circulation . Those that contain essential oils energize the skin, allowing it to look radiant, and improve circulation.
  • A Moment for You They are ideal for use on a day of many stresses, as they promote relaxation.


  • allergies . Itching and redness may occur when applied to the skin when skin is irritated .
  • Poor Choices . When our complexion is oily, we are prone to acne, and using masks that contain certain ingredients, such as oils, clogs pores .
  • Contraindications . If you suffer from any skin disease or are undergoing treatment, it is better to see a specialist, as you risk aggravating the problem.