How to preserve youthfulness without cosmetics or procedures: 3 secrets of Hollywood stars’ beautician Barbara Sturm

Barbara Sturm is an internationally renowned expert in cosmetology and dermatology. She is convinced that there are many factors that influence the quality of your skin. And we can reduce the appearance of age-related changes and inflammation by following some simple rules.

Barbara Sturm’s name is familiar to many celebrities. The dermatologist works with the stars of the first magnitude: for example, Irina Shayk, Victoria Beckham, Emma Roberts. Even more people use Barbara’s skin care cosmetics – you can buy them in local stores.

Barbara Sturm’s formulas are known for their innovation and abundance of rare ingredients. However, the doctor believes that cosmetics are not the main secret of staying young and beautiful. What’s more important is to monitor your lifestyle and follow the rules to minimize inflammation in the body.

Less stress

“Great skin is not only a good and regular care. The emotions we experience can cause stress and increase the production of cortisol, a hormone that increases inflammation. You can watch TV or read the disturbing news and thereby affect the quality of your skin. That’s why it’s so important to be able to unplug from the news stream and sometimes take a break and get off social media. It is good for our mental health and for the regeneration of our skin,” says the expert.

A gentle approach

Many women actively care for their skin and take pride in the fact that on the shelves in their bathroom there are dozens of bottles to solve certain problems. Barbara does not support the trend for home use of aggressive ingredients in cosmetics: for example, retinol and exfoliating acids in high concentration.

“Women do not even think about how they traumatize their skin on a regular basis, and that it is unlikely to benefit the preservation of youth. I advocate a gentle therapeutic approach with a professional selection of care products,” explains the dermatologist.

Meal schedule

Unlike some experts who assert that nutrition only indirectly affects the skin, Barbara Sturm is convinced: our face is affected not only by what we eat, but also when we eat.

“You may be on a clean vegan diet, but you prefer to eat a salad shortly before you go to bed. This results in worse digestion of the food: the acidity in the stomach rises and the inflammatory process begins in the body.

I like the concept of interval fasting – restricting food in the afternoon. Sometimes we all have an easy time giving up breakfast. But it’s the intermittent elimination of late supper that helps prepare the body for sleep and a healthy digestive process,” says Sturm.