Out of age: 7 habits that make you old

Have you noticed that you look older than your peers? Maybe it’s because of some of your habits. Yes, yes, sometimes what seems ordinary and harmless to us is actually very harmful. Let’s find out together what you’re doing wrong.

You’re overloading yourself with things.

You are always in a hurry, you have to do a hundred things at a time and you’re afraid you won’t get anything done… Congratulations, you are a multitasker. Many people think that multitasking or multitasking is a good thing, but in fact it undermines our nervous system. Studies have proven that chronic stress leads to the release of free radicals, which affects the aging process. Try to focus on one task, complete it, and only then move on to the next. This way, not only will you save your nerve cells, but you won’t let the aging mechanism kick in early.

You’re binging on sweets.

Do you never pass up a chance to eat an extra piece of cake at a birthday party or indulge in a delicious cake on a date with a young man? Then your diagnosis is “sweet tooth.” Unfortunately, sweets not only contribute to gaining extra pounds, but they also add extra years to your face. Here’s how it works: Sugar molecules cling to protein fibers in cells, and together they “give” you dark circles under your eyes, dull skin, puffiness and early wrinkles. Do you need it? Get rid of sugar addiction, by the way, is quite real – change your diet.

You’re lazy.

If everything that we listed in the previous paragraph, you do, sitting on your favorite couch… About the harm of a sedentary lifestyle is said a lot. We should add that people who spend most of the day sitting are prone not only to various diseases, but also premature aging. Physical activity, at least minimal, should be. By the way, our beloved British scientists proved that 150 minutes of any exercise per week prolongs life by 10-15 years.

You like to hold telethons.

Yes, yes, telethons. And if they are accompanied by eating sweets, lying on your favorite couch, why are you surprised… The fact is that regular TV viewing is fraught with not only health problems, but also premature aging. It has been officially proven: one hour in front of TV shortens the life of an adult by 22 minutes. An entire 22 minutes of your precious life for an hour of lying in front of the black box! Doesn’t that scare you? If not, catch another fact: People who spend more than five hours a day watching TV live that many fewer years. Now remember what we said about the couch. Experts admit that the problem is not so much with the TV itself, but with the fact that while watching your favorite soap operas, you tend to sit or lie on the couch.

You sleep less than five hours a night.

Not getting enough sleep? Get bags under your eyes! And that’s half the trouble. Getting less than five hours of sleep a night takes a toll on your beauty: your skin loses firmness, becomes dull and problematic, your nails break and your hair split… Try to go to bed before midnight and sleep 7-8 hours, then you’ll wake up refreshed and rested.

You sleep with your face in the pillow.

Sleeping on your stomach or on your side with your face in the pillow is another cause of premature aging of your skin. Connective tissue and collagen become less elastic over time, which means it’s much harder to cope with various deformities. And something as seemingly small as a pillow print on your face is a serious problem for your skin. Notice how long it takes for the print to completely disappear from your skin? And it’s only going to get worse over the years. So, if you want to keep your skin smooth and supple for a long time, try sleeping on your back.

You wear too much makeup.

And lastly, let’s go over a few classics. Using too much makeup is a huge stressor for your skin. We ourselves were surprised to learn that daily makeup accelerates the aging process! You don’t want to look 40 at 30, do you! Give your skin a rest – a couple of days without makeup, and your face will “smooth out” like after a spa treatment.