The 60-Second Rule: A Free Way to Improve Your Facial Condition

Sometimes you want to believe in miracles. Can a little facial trick really improve your skin? American VOICE beauty editor Chloe Metzger tested it for herself!

“Alas, I’m the kind of person who wasn’t born with even, smooth, shiny skin. And I hoped that one day there would be a way to look younger without too much effort. When they told me about the 60-second rule, I got excited and decided to find out if it really worked.

It was the brainchild of Nayamka Roberts-Smith, a beautician who told her 43,000 followers on Twitter that if you wash your face for at least a minute after applying your cleanser, it will absorb better. She said to use your fingertips to dab your skin-no need to rub your hands all over your face until it’s red!

The fact is, makeup, dirt, and grease aren’t easy to remove from your skin. And if you devote more time to this, you will definitely clean those areas that suffer most: around the nose, under the chin, along the hairline.

It would seem that there is nothing revolutionary here. But people who have tried it have already noticed that within a couple of weeks, their skin has improved in appearance and the number of breakouts has gone down.

This is what I had.

I believe in the power of double cleansing (oil-based cleanser first to remove makeup and dirt, then regular cleanser to remove residue). The rule of thumb is that I should rub each one in for a minute, but my skin is very sensitive, so I made do with 30 seconds per phase. Using my fingertips, I rubbed first one and then the other into my skin. I must say that it took forever!

Two weeks later, I noticed that my skin looked better: less red, more shiny

Two weeks later I noted that my skin looked better: less red, more glossy. It hadn’t changed dramatically, but I hadn’t expected it to. But now I am sure that I wash away all unnecessary things.

Will it work for others? Probably, yes. A skin massage is beneficial in any case: it improves blood circulation. Of course, you should not hope to get rid of acne and breakouts in a minute, because you can’t change your hormone levels, your DNA or get rid of stress all of a sudden.

For those who regularly wake up with mascara residue under their eyes, this advice will be very helpful. Unwashed makeup is the way to dry skin and inflammation. It’s worth trying anyway. Plus, it’s completely free: it only takes 50 seconds a day on top of the usual ten!”