Turbo mode: how to get ready for a date or a party in 2 hours?

If you did not have time to make an appointment to the SPA or a beautician, but you want to feel like a queen on an important night for you (and even without spending too much time and money), follow these tips – they will save your nerves.

1. Shower with contrast

Slowly change the temperature of the water from the hottest you can stand to the coldest. Repeat the process at least five times, ideally 15 times. Finish on cold water.

While showering wash your head and be sure to apply hair balm to your lashes: this will make them more silky, they will be easier to twist, and the mascara will lay more evenly.

2. Contrast face compresses

Wet one towel with very hot water and the other with icy water. Apply them to the face alternately, holding them for 7-10 seconds. Swelling will decrease, a healthy blush will appear, your complexion will be healthy and your skin will be smooth and radiant.

3. Apply the oil

Massage cosmetic oil with gentle stroking motions onto your face and body, paying particular attention to your nails (if they are not painted): the oil will make them shine. Wait 5-10 minutes and touch the skin with a dry paper towel to be sure the oil is completely absorbed. If not, use the same paper towel to wipe off the excess.

4. Dry your hair.

Blow-dry hair on your face with warm air, and at the very end of the process switch to cold air for 10-15 seconds to keep the strands lifted at the roots, so your hair will hold its volume better.

5. Massage your face.

Massage your skin with ice cubes (great if you make them out of tea or herbal tea). Then apply a mask of yoghurt, honey and eggs (mix everything in equal proportions and hold for 20 minutes): the skin will tighten, become tighter and firmer.