Why toner should be applied to wet skin: the expert revealed the ideal sequence of care products

Often we think that our care products are not effective enough or do not work at all, and we try to pick up new ones. But the result is the same! Most likely, it’s because of common mistakes in applying tonics, serums, and creams that almost everyone makes. It’s time to fix them-the beauty expert explained how to do it right.

Remember the general rule that works for both morning and evening care: it is important to layer beauty products on the principle of the smallest molecular weight – to the largest. That’s how they will successfully overcome the barrier and make you look younger and more beautiful. Here’s an example of the proper application scheme (from the first product to the final product):

  • cleanser
  • toner
  • serum
  • moisturizer
  • A nourishing cleanser or skin oil.

Also, renowned cosmetologist Rachel Gallo clarifies an important nuance:

“Always apply toner to damp skin because it acts as a conductor, helping serums lay down on the skin for slower penetration over several hours. After your serums are applied over the toner, wait until your skin is dry before applying moisturizer as a final layer of protection.”