Dangerous cosmetology: 4 popular procedures, the harms of which are omitted

Every woman dreams of staying beautiful at any age. Salons and beauty centers offer numerous ways to extend youth, and we turn to them because we believe in their effectiveness. But cosmetologists do not always tell the whole truth about the popular procedures, and many of them carry serious health risks. We’re going to tell you about the most dangerous facial procedures that you probably shouldn’t have.


The commercial name Botox hides botulinum toxin, a botulinum toxin that has a powerful effect on the nervous system. It became popular due to its bright anti-aging effect – after such a “beauty shot” both fine expression and deep wrinkles disappear, the skin tightens and becomes firmer. However, Botox is one type of dangerous cosmetology.

Botox is one of the most popular procedures for maintaining beauty and youthfulness. But at the same time it is also one of the most dangerous manipulations in cosmetology.

Botox is injected into the most dangerous areas of the face in cosmetology and acts on the nerve endings of the muscles, so that they lose the ability to contract and relax. This results in a smooth and rejuvenated, but perfectly still face. Botox injections can be repeated at least twice a year. The maximum duration of the drug is 9 months, after which the treated areas are restored nerve activity and wrinkles quickly return.

What are the dangers of Botox? First of all with its side effects:

  • The accumulation of poison. For botulism to result in death, only 0.1 µg of the toxin is enough. In Botox, its concentration is much lower than lethal, but it can accumulate in the body. The more often you resort to “beauty shots”, the higher the risk of becoming a victim of toxin poisoning;
  • Muscle spasm – a face, part of which is literally paralyzed by the action of botulinum toxin, is not the most aesthetically pleasing sight. But the situation has more unpleasant consequences. The muscles that escaped the effects of the drug have to compensate for the work of their immobile “fellows”. They strain harder, which eventually leads to a noticeable asymmetry between the different areas of the face;
    earlier aging – at first sight, it sounds paradoxical, because Botox is used just for rejuvenation. However, due to permanent immobility in the muscles, blood circulation is impaired, they are poorly supplied with oxygen, become flabby and flaccid. And the accumulation of intercellular fluid and waste products leads to rapid sagging of facial contours.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is widely used to combat deep wrinkles and folds, as well as to correct facial contours. It is used in the form of a gel, which is pumped into the lips and cheekbones to give them volume and expressiveness. Hyaluron perfectly binds water, so it makes the skin supple and well moisturized. In addition, it is not rejected by the body, so it is never allergic.

However, this miracle drug is also a type of dangerous cosmetology. It can lead to complications and unpleasant consequences: for example, partial or complete loss of sensation, tissue necrosis, skin fibrosis. If the gel accumulates too much water, it can be displaced by gravity, resulting in severe facial asymmetry.


In the pursuit of beauty and youthfulness, some women are even ready for dangerous cosmetic treatments. For example, to the procedure of thermolifting.

This procedure is used at the first signs of skin withering and aging. It is based on the impact of radiofrequency radiation on the subcutaneous layer. At high temperatures, collagen fibers responsible for skin elasticity are denatured in the tissues. In response to the loss of protein, the body begins to actively produce it, which leads to rapid rejuvenation. But this procedure is also a type of dangerous cosmetology and has several negative consequences:

  • It is necessary that the thermolift should be performed by a highly qualified specialist, otherwise serious burns are possible;
  • The body may respond to the procedure too intense production of collagen, which is fraught with fibrosis (scarring) of the skin;
  • it is not known how deeply the radiation penetrates – it can affect not only the subcutaneous tissues, but also the brain, and it is impossible to predict the consequences of this process.


To make beautiful cheekbones and correct the facial oval, cosmetologists suggest introducing very thin threads under the skin in the most dangerous areas of the face in cosmetology. In the place of their introduction tissue begins to actively produce collagen, which allows you to quickly tighten the contours and eliminate sagging skin. Thread piercing is dangerous for several reasons at once:

  • The risk of scar tissue and skin thickening is high;
  • The tissue loses elasticity and quickly becomes coarse;
  • In the subcutaneous layer are disturbed metabolism, which leads to the formation of edema and premature aging.

How high a price are you willing to pay for beauty? Is it worth the risk to your health and maybe even your life? Take care of yourself and choose only safe rejuvenation procedures!