Five things that change your skin beyond recognition: avoiding them will transform you

For many imperfections of the skin you do not need to immediately run to the beautician and give him all the money in the hope of quickly deal with the problem. Quite often it’s not the big procedures or expensive treatments that help your face look healthy again, but trivial deprivation. Keep in mind five simple things that you can do to avoid acne, puffiness, dark circles, enlarged pores, and more.


It’s mostly found in pasta and baked goods, which are so hard for Italian food lovers (and more!) to give up. Gluten affects the intestinal flora by sticking together the villi in the intestines. The consequences on the face of gluten “addiction” are most unpleasant: bumps on the forehead, closed comedones and severe swelling.


Regular consumption of alcohol, and even in large quantities, inevitably affects the face. It can dry out your skin, leaving you with an unsightly grey complexion, tissue breakdown and couperose. In addition, drinks with a degree undermine blood vessels, and the sugar in them puts wrinkles ahead of time.


Sweet lovers do not only suffer from greasy skin, inflamed acne and persistent postacne, but also from a large number of wrinkles on the forehead. This is a direct consequence of collagen destruction by glycation end products in skin cells.


If you eat more lactose than you should, you can’t avoid the inflammatory processes in your body. You can see the effects on your face: it will show up in enlarged pores and bags under the eyes. To join all this “beauty” against the background of an addiction to lactose-containing products can also get thrush, and a state of perpetual laziness and apathy.

Cigarettes and vaping

Pimples, acne, dehydrated skin, and a dusty complexion will be an extra reminder of the dangers of smoking – but not a hidden one, and quite obvious. Like to smoke a cigarette or e-cigarette with a cup of black coffee? So you only raise the level of stress hormone in the blood to the limit and increase the risk of manifestation of all the above-mentioned imperfections.