How to choose good cosmetics

Get your skin condition right

The first task you’ll face when choosing skincare products is determining your skin type. It would seem obvious: dry skin needs a nourishing cream, and owners of oily skin should prefer tonics and other “light” products. However, it is not as easy as it seems at first glance. Alena Echo believes that the division into types is secondary, because it is not only a natural predisposition that is important, but also external factors, and they change every day.

“The condition of your skin is the condition of your skin at the moment. Your skin can be dry and then suddenly become oily or combination skin. I adhere to the philosophy of some natural cosmetics brands, which divides skin into conditions, not types! The more skincare products, the more misguided. Otherwise you would be happy with her condition and not be looking for alternatives to classic cosmetics. Expensive products are not always (oh, far from it) the best.”

Pay attention to the ingredients

As a rule, people rarely look at the lists printed in small print on bottles and boxes with means. And meanwhile, that’s where all the information about the products is located. Back in the 90s, there was a law in the European Union, which obliges manufacturers to indicate the full composition of the cosmetics on the package. For this reason, even an international guideline for the proper indication of the ingredients – INCI – was developed. This nomenclature allows customers to understand exactly what they are paying money for.

“Remember, only the ingredient list tells you what’s inside; you’ll know from it whether the product in front of you is really valuable, effective and safe. There can be a lot of different promises on the package, it can be at least a hundred times written “bio” or “organic” – the composition, and only this, gives an understanding of how honest the manufacturer is”.

Listen to your body’s signals

Most women are used to following standard rules of care: cream at night, cream in the morning, masks on weekends. However, this scheme is not suitable for everyone, because we must remember that every body is unique, and this means that you should listen not only to the advice from glossy magazines, but also to the signals your own body is giving you. Alena Echo is convinced that dry or greasy skin, swelling in the morning or wrinkles are the sign of improper care, and it should be changed immediately. For example, abandon the greasy cream at night and give preference to lighter products.

“Giving up night cream can only be successful if you use either a cleansing milk or cleansing cream or just an oil for cleansing in the evening. In general, something that doesn’t foam. Milk removes makeup, cleanses the skin of makeup and dust, without breaking the lipid shell, and therefore does not introduce itself into the algorithms. Well agree, it’s kind of silly to remove grease from the skin and then apply it again in the form of cream.”

Moisturizing instead of surgery

Injections and other cosmetic manipulations for many years are in high demand not only among women but also among men. It would seem that there is no great harm from such procedures, and the desired effect of rejuvenation is achieved in just a few hours. And yet Alena Echo insists that if possible to refuse botox and fillers and prefer to moisturize the skin, which is known to significantly slow down aging.

“No matter what condition your skin is in now, hydration and nourishment are always necessary. Owners of oily skin sin by using light serums or gels to moisturize. They often have bad dreams about nourishment. BUT, it is oily skin is not enough nutrition. If they produce too much sebum, it’s a sign that their skin doesn’t have enough lubricant. A proper diet and an adequate supply of vegetable oils can restore balance to your skin.

Believe no myths

Over the years of its presence on the market, natural cosmetics has managed to grow a lot of myths and legends. It is believed that the natural ingredients in the composition – a successful marketing ploy, and if not, then such products – duds that do not provide the desired result. All this is not true, and Alena Echo is ready to prove it in her book. She is convinced that high prices are not the result of quality advertising, but of numerous expertise and rare ingredients, and, in addition, only natural creams, serums and shampoos can give your skin everything it needs without harming it in the process.

“Man is the most natural product. And it is only suitable for him what his skin, and his body in general, can metabolize (that is, process). This is hard to deny. When we “feed” skin with mineral oils or silicones, which are alien to our skin, it is naive to expect any long-term effect. They can give a short-term effect and create the appearance of smooth and moisturized skin due to the fact that they put a film on the skin, filling in wrinkles and irregularities. But no more.”

What else should I pay attention to when choosing cosmetics?

How the product is packaged

It would seem that the main thing is the composition, and the packaging is not so important? That’s not true: the packaging has a direct impact on the product’s lifespan. If you see that its integrity is compromised – put away such a product. Because when the protective membrane is damaged, for example, vitamins (A and C) die, and products lose their effectiveness. It is better to give preference to tubes or bottles with a pump – in such compositions bacteria do not practically get in.

The labels

“Hypoallergenic”: products with this label are intended for people with particularly sensitive skin and a tendency to allergic reactions to common cosmetic components. This label has no clear boundaries, which means that the manufacturers mean practically anything you like. So you need to know the irritant components and keep track of them in the formulations of products yourself.

“Non-comedogenic”: products with this label are suitable for people whose skin is prone to the formation of pimples, acne, acne. The label, however, does not guarantee the absence of inflammatory processes. Here, too, everything is individual.

“Not tested on animals”: such cosmetics have certain certificates, which are quite difficult to obtain. Therefore, they can be trusted.

“Organic cosmetics”: this label does not always indicate that the product contains only natural ingredients. Only some certificates can be trusted, confirming the use of natural ingredients and the manufacturer’s concern for the environment. These include Ecocert, Soil Association, Cosmebio, ICEA, BDIH.


It should be reasonable-not too low or exorbitant. For example, a very expensive product does not guarantee that it contains only valuable ingredients. It costs companies nothing to inflate the price. So if you plan to invest a lot of money in cosmetics and not to undercut the price, give preference to well-known brands with a history, names and quality certificates.

On the other hand, even super-effective cosmetics can be relatively budget-friendly. What’s important here is to be able to read the ingredients, to find the valuable ingredients, and to avoid allergens and harsh surfactants.


SPF is a factor of protection against ultraviolet light. It’s important to have it in your cosmetics if you use it in summer and when you’re in the active sun.

How do you test for allergenicity?

It’s simple: before using, apply a small amount to the inside of your elbow and wait a few hours. Is the area red and itchy? Then you should not use this product.

How to Store Makeup?

Cosmetic products should be stored in a cool, dry place. Heat and excessive humidity provoke the growth of pathogenic bacteria and fungi. Be sure to follow the expiration date of the products – it is not recommended to use them after it has expired.

How to buy a quality product?

Remember that all products should be bought only from trusted stores to protect yourself from counterfeit products (which may even be life-threatening!). All the care products you can buy in the ParisNail multi-brand store, because we provide the best conditions:

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Distinguish between daytime, nighttime and all-purpose cosmetics

All cosmetics can be divided into three groups: day care, night care and multi-purpose.

Some ingredients work well only at night, when skin regeneration processes are active and the hormonal state of the body is changing. Products with acids should be used in the evening, because during the day the sun’s rays can cause skin burn. Vitamin A or retinol is also more effective at night. The active ingredients of MI&KO Chamomile & Lemon Night Cream reduce the melanin pigment level in the skin.

Products in the second category have an effect in the morning or during the day. For example, day moisturizer #4 from Kleona for oily and problematic skin is quickly absorbed and mattifies the skin. The face looks fresh, there is no shine, and cosmetics are smoother.

Day and night products differ in their effect on the skin. Makeup from the first category prepares the skin for makeup, creates a protective layer and moisturizes, while night products regenerate and soothe. Daytime cosmetics are lighter in texture, while night cosmetics are denser and more intense.

Universal products can be applied twice a day – in the morning and at night. As a rule, they contain the necessary substances to protect and nourish the skin. The cost of such a product can be slightly higher than that of a day or night cream, and the label should indicate that the cream is suitable for 24 hours.