Makeup remover, advantages and disadvantages

Removing makeup every day is an indispensable ritual for radiant, healthy skin. There are different makeup removers you can try to cleanse your skin. Choose the right one and foresee the possible damage that not removing makeup every day can cause to your skin. Don’t forget that this step in your beauty routine is essential to avoid imperfections.


Can be applied after micellar water. The cleanser lowers the pH of the skin and the tonic restores the acidity so that the treatment creams and lotions act better.

The main advantage of toner is the freshness it produces on the skin, while the disadvantage is that toners with alcohol in their formulation can cause tightness on the face, especially on drier skin.

Cleansing milk

It is an ideal product to remove make-up when deep cleansing is necessary. It is perfect for dry skin, as it has oily components.

Its main disadvantages are, on the one hand, its texture, which can be cold, greasy and unctuous, and on the other hand, if it is not removed well, combination and oily skins may feel greasy after use.


It is not recommended to use an oil-based product to remove make-up from the entire face, only if the skin is very mature and dry. Make-up remover in oil is usually used for eyes and lips.

The main advantage of oil is its ability to remove makeup, especially waterproof cosmetics, however, it should be used with care because it can cause a breakout of pimples on the skin.

Make-up remover wipes

The makeup artist does not recommend using makeup remover wipes because they are aggressive to the skin, even if they are specifically designed for makeup removal. Most of them contain alcohol, although some firms have built-in cream to moisturize the face. In addition, make-up remover wipes do not remove make-up well because the pore is sunken and does not remove make-up in depth.

Neutral soap

Neutral soap is suitable for removing make-up from all skin types, leaving the complexion very soft. However, it is not easy to apply and can be annoying.

2-in-1 or 3-in-1 products

They condense several products into one, with the advantages that each one has in its function, so their application is very fast. However, some of them do not have the best cleansing coverage; they are somewhat like shampoos that have a built-in conditioner. The ideal is to choose the products separately, so that they fulfill their deep cleansing function better.

What are the benefits of makeup remover wipes?

They are practical, handy, easy to use, and take a lot of effort to remove makeup (which is how they are “sold” to us). They are used for both the face and eyes, so you don’t need to use a specific product for each area, they are also made from the same ingredients as any regular facial cleanser (theoretically…)

What disadvantages do makeup remover wipes have?

Makeup remover wipes are a product that can be used occasionally (I only use them when I come to a party in such quantity, and not always, only when I can’t with my soul…) or if we have no other choice, think that without rinsing your face with water after using them, most of the dirt remains on your face (try, remove your makeup with a wipe and then wipe with a cotton pad with toner… makeup, you’ll see!), as well as product ingredients that can expose the skin to high concentrations of solubilizers, surfactants and emulsifiers, causing irritation and even allergies and/or peeling, and even more so if the wipes contain alcohol.

If you use one product for your hair, another for your body, etc. Why do you use the same product for your whole face???? First of all, the eyes need special and more delicate care than the rest of the face, because wipes can cause eye irritation in most cases.


Use makeup remover wipes ONLY on special occasions, never daily or as part of your facial cleansing routine. Cleansing with soap or milk + toner (depending on your skin type or preference) is ideal.

The truth is, you get used to everything, and if you take that routine of doing it on the couch while watching TV, for example, like I do, well, you don’t leave it for when you go to bed, which is when you’re lazy… In the morning I just wash my face with water and quickly apply a cotton pad with toner and some cream and run, I usually don’t have extra time… And at night I “churro” it more .
You should deep cleanse your face and eyes skin every day so it can breathe and eliminate dead cells for better skin regeneration. It is also the best way to prepare our skin for the follow-up care or cream that we apply … it is useless to buy a very expensive cream if you apply it after a tissue ¬¬ (hello?) the skin will not absorb all the properties of the cream and you will waste money.

The essence of micellar water: application, properties, advantages and disadvantages

What is it and what is it made of?

It is an aqueous solution consisting of molecules that form a compound called micelles. Between water and micelles, they are responsible for attracting all the impurities and dirt that may be on your skin, giving you softness without damaging it.

Micellar solution began to be used in the early 20th century, but it only became more popular after Bioderma produced and commercialized it in large quantities in the early 1990s.

How is it used?

Everyone uses micellar water differently, but as a rule of thumb, you moisten a cotton pad and then wipe the entire face or areas of the face that need to be cleaned with it. You can use it in the morning to clean up accumulated grease and dirt, and in the evening to remove daytime makeup before going to bed.

What qualities does it have?

Basically, it is a very light product that has a high cleansing capacity. By touching your skin, the micelles grab all the grease, dirt or residues that are on your skin to remove them; while the liquid tones the skin and removes all impurities.

Thanks to its formula, which does not use any alcohols or perfumes, it does not irritate or damage your skin, no matter how sensitive it is, or your eyes if it comes into contact with them.

What are the benefits of using it?

Micellar water is one of the products that best removes makeup and best cleanses the skin. Not only is it very effective, but it is also very economical and very friendly to all skin types.

Its aqueous compound is perfect for toning your skin, and when you use it in the morning, you will feel refreshed and also remove all the grease that has accumulated overnight. Also, with no residue on your skin, your makeup will hold up better.

When you get home after a long day, you can use it to remove your makeup; you will find that with a small amount of absorbent cotton and micellar water, you can remove all makeup, residue and other impurities without irritating your skin or rubbing it in hard.

It is very easy to use, you only need cotton to gently apply it, you can leave your skin clean. Above all, it helps to delay the appearance of wrinkles because its rejuvenating formula delays the appearance of these signs of aging.

What are the drawbacks of micellar water?

Although it sounds like a miracle product, micellar water is not that perfect; Although it is very helpful in cleansing your face, especially when removing makeup, the cleansing it provides is very light. Generally, you will need a makeup remover or similar product to help your skin glow.

Ultimately, it’s a product that helps supplement your skincare routine, along with others.

Some tips…

First of all, when you are going to use it to clean your face, use enough product, so wet the cotton balls you are going to use very well. When you are ready to apply it, the more you use, the better you will be able to remove all the dirt that accumulates during the day. Finally, when you stop using it, wipe your face with a small folded handkerchief and keep your face fresh.