How to eliminate excess water from the body in one day: 3 easiest and working ways

If you stand on the scale and notice a sudden weight gain, do not rush to go on a crash diet! Perhaps it’s all about the accumulation of excess fluid in the body, which, fortunately, is quite easy to eliminate. Remember the ways that work best for you.

Very often an unexpected weight gain of a few pounds says only one thing – excess fluid has accumulated in the body. This gives a general puffiness and provokes swelling on the face: all the things that make us so much dislike our own reflection in the mirror.

If the accumulation of excess water in the body occurs periodically and is not associated with heart disease, kidney or hormonal disorders, it is not difficult to quickly remove it. Here are 3 simple and working techniques that will help you to say goodbye to edema in one day.

Herbal tea

To make this healing drink, you’ll need melissa, rose hips, and cranberries. Prepare a large kettle and strain it for the whole day. The decoction will help to gradually remove excess water and wipe away any traces of swelling from your face.

Salt Bath

For a whole bath you’ll need 500 grams of salt and 200 grams of soda. Arrange yourself evening spa ritual: spend at least half an hour in salt water. The outflow of excess fluid and relief you will feel immediately after leaving the bath.


These pleasant baths let your sweat out of your system. However, do not overdo it, especially if you have heart disease or other serious health problems.