Nibbling on hangnails and 7 more bad beauty habits you should get rid of

All of us are subject to bad habits, alas. But each of them has its own unpleasant consequences, for which we have to pay… your own beauty! Want to avoid it? We’ll tell you how!

Why is it bad? Biting burrs leads to brittle nails and inflammation around the nail plate.

How to rehabilitate? Try to moisturize the skin around the nail more often – that way you won’t be tempted to bite it. Use a light cuticle cream or oil daily and an exfoliating hand treatment once a week. After showering, when your skin is already dry, gently push the cuticle back using a stick. You can also try a special bitter nail coating to get rid of your bad habit.

Frequent hair color changes

Why it’s bad. Changing your hair shade from time to time is fine, but doing it often can damage and dry out your hair. Don’t take the example of celebrities: although they change their “color” regularly, they do it mostly for the movies – under the watchful eye of an army of specialists. And of course, they use plenty of restorative products to make up for the damage.

How to rehabilitate? Bleaching is the most dangerous procedure for hair because it dries it out the most. Don’t lighten your strands to the limit at one time. Use a tube of dye every six weeks, going a shade lighter each time until you achieve your desired shade. Going from blonde to brunette is much less damaging. You can use colors with non-blonde formulas every three weeks. After dyeing, use deep moisturizing conditioners. Get a hair mask twice a week. And don’t forget color repair products to avoid using the dye too often.

Neglecting to remove your makeup.

Why is this bad? Falling asleep with mascara on your lashes, you risk waking up the next day with bags under your eyes and can even provoke conjunctivitis. A layer of foundation and blush will clog pores, the skin will not be able to breathe, lose its shine and get inflammation.

Excessive use of tanning beds

Why is it bad? UV rays are called “aging rays”-they penetrate deep into the skin, weaken connective tissues, interfere with the skin’s protective functions, and result in premature aging. It’s no good frying yourself in a tanning bed, especially since intense tanning is out of fashion.

How to rehabilitate yourself? Use a tanning lotion or self-tanner – it’s fast, effective and safe. All you need to do is to choose the shade that suits you and master the technique of applying the product so that the tan spreads evenly.

Tweezing ingrown hairs

Why is it bad? Tweezing an ingrown hair with tweezers can plant dirt in the follicle, causing a pustular pimple. You don’t want your legs and bikini area to be covered in such rashes, do you?

How to rehabilitate? Ingrown hairs often accompany waxing or shaving. Some have more, some less – it all depends on the skin. Regularly removing dead skin cells with a scrub or a harsh washcloth solves the problem of ingrown hairs. If you’re used to using an epilator, consider getting one with an exfoliator attachment that actually serves as a scrub.

Teeth Whitening

Why is it bad? This process is more harmful than beneficial. Constant exposure of tooth enamel to hydrogen peroxide makes teeth ultra-sensitive and prone to crumbling.

How to rehabilitate? If you’re going to whiten your teeth at the dentist, you can expect to lighten your natural color by 8 to 9 shades. You can also do it at home, then the maximum degree of brightening is 4 shades. Just follow the instructions on the package and don’t resort to this procedure more than once every six months.

Using testers in the store

Why is it bad? You stand a good chance of getting herpes or other infections from the bacteria in the tester. It could very well happen, although it’s fair to say that the odds aren’t that great. And then it’s not very pleasant to share a tester with people you don’t know. Especially after COVID-19.

How do you rehabilitate yourself? Make sure the store where you buy cosmetics practices handing out samples – samples of cosmetics sealed in disposable packaging. When picking up makeup, look for available cotton swabs, applicators, puff pads, sponges, wipes, and makeup sample brushes. Use alcohol (such as an alcohol-containing tonic) to disinfect your brushes. Make sure there are no already used sponges in the sponge box.

Squeezing pimples.

Why is it bad? Squeezing a pimple can cause it to go away for 7-10 days instead of 2-3 days (naturally). Or several new ones will pop up around it. Because it’s very likely that you’ll get an infection in your pores and thus increase inflammation.

How do you rehabilitate? Have patience – let the inflammation go away on its own. You can use salicylic acid twice a day, and then within 3-5 days the pimple will disappear. Apply the product by dotting it with a cotton swab.