How to get rid of big cheeks: home methods that work

From social media, we are literally being “jumped” by chiseled cheekbones and sunken cheeks. It makes sense that you might have a desire to “slim down” this area a bit. And although each of us is beautiful in her own way, we decided to tell you how you can (if you really want to) correct your cheeks at home without resorting to filters and masks in instagram

First, let’s figure out what exactly can be considered big cheeks, because based on this we will pick up a way to solve the problem.

Why cheeks grow.

First, the problem could be fat. Yes, yes, subcutaneous fat appears and the chin, and in the lower third of the face, and in the cheekbone area … In a word, everywhere.

The most important reason is a general increase in body weight. This is your case if you’ve always been prone to fullness or if you’ve gained pounds for some reason.

Lack of movement, unbalanced diet, drinking disorders, stress can lead to weight gain and, consequently, to puffy cheeks. In that case, you need to review your diet and include regular cardio exercises in your schedule. These are the ones that help you burn off extra calories. And we also recommend making an appointment with an endocrinologist to rule out or correct a hormonal disorder in time.

Secondly, the problem could be swelling. Go to the doctor to rule out heart and kidney problems, reduce salt and alcohol consumption, because that is what most often retains excess fluid in the tissues.

Adhere to such a “diet” for about a couple of weeks and you will notice the result.

Thirdly, do not forget about the force of gravity. A “floaty” face oval can also ruin your mood, but there you can get help from both beauticians and regular (remember this word!) home care.

And also big cheeks can be your own innate feature, and then you have three choices: to finally love yourself as you are, or to correct the shape of your face with makeup (makeup artists invented contouring for a reason), or to make an appointment with a plastic surgeon. Yes, yes, we’re talking about liposuction now, and about the very removal of lumps Bisha, in arguments about which has already broken a lot of copies. Which path to choose is up to you.