Why everyone in Turkey has bushy dark eyebrows: Local beauties always use one sure-fire cure

In Eastern poetry there are many stories about the beauty of the female gaze, and Turkish women traditionally pay great attention to the skillful makeup. But, of course, they rely not only on paint, but also on naturalness – the local beauties have naturally thick “sable” eyebrows and fluffy eyelashes. Of course, genetics plays an important role, but even Turks from childhood use a remedy to keep the eyes enchanting. It’s inexpensive and easy to use, as long as you keep it regular.

We’ve already told you why everyone has good hair in Turkey. The locals pay a lot of attention to home care – both women and men. The result is visible to the naked eye: lush, thick hair. And all thanks to a natural remedy known since ancient times!

Of course, you know that Turkey is the country, which goes for hair transplant. Local experts provide this service at a reasonable price, so the flow of customers from all corners of the world they simply do not. By the way, it is September and October – the season for hair transplantation.

Eyebrows are transplanted in Turkey, and quite successfully! But now we are not talking about this, because there is a tool that women from Turkey use from a young age to ensure that their eyebrows were thick and dark, and eyelashes grew long and did not need to increase.

All the hair oils in Turkey are sold under the name Bakim Yagi – with this label you will see in the store, including the miraculous argan oil, which is used to care for curls.

The eyebrow and eyelash remedy also says Bakim Yagi, but it’s sold in a small bottle or in a tube with a brush, just like mascara.

In the composition is a specially selected composition of oils, which will help to get the look of a Turkish beauty.

The main ingredient of the blend is amla oil. This is a product of the amblica plant widely used in Ayurveda. Amla is called the “Indian gooseberry” and the miracle cure that makes eyebrows and eyelashes grow like yeast is obtained by pressing the crushed fruit.

Also sweet almond oil, sesame oil, and oil of eclipta prostrata (also known as bringraja) are added to Turkish eyebrow oil.

Turkish girls and women apply this mixture to their eyebrows and eyelashes daily in the evening, just before going to bed. The result speaks for itself.