Japanese vibration: this 2-minute warm-up will wipe away puffiness from your face without a trace

Tired of waking up every day with swollen face in the morning? Then try to flush out excess water with a Japanese exercise that you can easily master without the help of a trainer.

If you’re prone to edema, you know how their sudden appearance can ruin even the most beautiful day. You can’t even use makeup to cover them up on your face, and swelling around the waist can sometimes make it difficult to button up your favorite jeans.

Do you want to forget about this problem forever? Then accustom yourself to begin and end the day with a simple Japanese exercise, which will normalize the circulatory system, will give a lymphatic drainage effect, will organize the capillaries and generally have a beneficial effect on the body.

How to perform the exercise “Japanese vibration”:

  • Lie on your back on any hard surface;
  • stretch out your arms and legs and look up;
  • Lift up your arms and legs: do not try to extend them completely at once, do the exercise without unnecessary tension;
  • start vibrating your arms and legs at the same time: these twitches will begin to rid the capillaries of blood stagnation in the same minute;
  • Do the exercise for 2-3 minutes in the morning and in the evening.