How to prolong the effect of Botox: 3 rules to save on beauty shots

Many women complain that the smoothing effect of Botox goes away too quickly – literally in 2-3 months. That is why it is worth following these rules from cosmetologists, which prolong the effect of botulinum toxin.

All injections have a certain period of action, during which their effect will be noticeable on the face. So, it is believed that fillers “stand” for at least six months to a year, and in some cases up to a year and a half. Botox has a “shelf life” is much less: enjoy the effects of the procedures will get a maximum of 6-8 months.

Despite the claimed term manufacturers botulinum toxin, some women have to inject the face more often than they expect. This problem has become particularly acute in pandemic times. It turns out that the coronavirus and coronavirus vaccine have contributed to the removal of Botox from tissues, and this has already been proven by a number of studies!
Many other health and lifestyle reasons can also affect the duration of the effect of Botox injections. As you can see, it’s all individual.

Standard rules can help improve the chances of longer-lasting facial injections. They’re worth taking note of for all injection lovers – and even before the procedure is done!

Get tested for zinc deficiency

Scientific studies have shown that optimal zinc levels in the blood help prolong the effects of botulinum therapy. This is why some women start taking zinc shortly before going to the cosmetologist. However, you should not forget that it is not a good idea to drink dietary supplements without tests and doctor’s appointments. Take a blood test to detect possible zinc deficiency. If the readings are normal, there is no need to take pills.

Replenish your collagen supply

But taking extra collagen never hurts! This supplement has practically no contraindications, although occasionally it has an unpleasant side effect – gastrointestinal disorders.

Collagen is the main building protein of skin and other tissues, so it is believed that taking supplements with it will help strengthen the effect of Botox. In addition, collagen synthesis can be improved by eating enough protein foods. And don’t forget about fruits and greens that are rich in vitamin C: ascorbic acid is also excellent for supporting this synthesis.

Don’t skimp on the procedure.

In order for Botox to give a pronounced result, it is necessary to optimally immobilize the muscles – and sometimes not in one area, but in several areas at once. In this article we told in details why Botox should be done as a complex procedure, not limited to masking a couple of worrying wrinkles. The main idea here is this: the full-face effect always works better than inconspicuous and insufficient “tweaks”. Don’t forget that!