Rise and shine: what to do in the evening to be beautiful in the morning

1. Eating in the evening

If you are bothered by a puffy face and obvious circles under the eyes in the morning, do not drink a lot of water at night. And be sure to exclude salt from the “night” diet: this food only holds fluid in the body, so swelling can’t be avoided. Doctors recommend not eating four hours before bedtime for a reason!

Organize your sleeping place.

The quality of sleep affects the quality of our lives, so take care of it in advance. For example, be sure to air the room before you go to bed. It is important that the room is dark, get thick curtains. This way the brain will think that it’s time to sleep – and there will be no insomnia.

3. careful demake-up.

Nighttime is the most important time for skin recovery, so you need to remove your makeup very well. In the winter season, we like to wash it off with a hydrophilic oil or balm: they gently cleanse and leave a pleasant feeling of hydration. When it’s warm outside, you can afford to remove your makeup with micellar water, but don’t forget to rinse it off with regular water and wash your face with a soft cream or gel in addition.

4. Proper Care

After removing your makeup, don’t forget to moisturize and nourish your skin. As an express option, we love night masks, which should be applied an hour before bedtime and washed off only in the morning. They bring dehydrated skin back to life, smooth out wrinkles and give your face a glow. And don’t forget to use eye area cream and lip balm.

5. Braid a light braid

To avoid getting up in the morning shaggy, we recommend braiding a light braid in the evening, which will create the effect of light waves in the morning. And that’s minus one worry before work, isn’t it?