Stress and even mental problems: six main causes of eyelash loss

Fluffy lashes are the highlight of any look. Whether you like bright shadows or apply a thin layer of mascara, long, voluminous lashes instantly complete the look.

If you can’t boast of natural “eyelashes”, you can resort to little tricks: false (imagine, there are even handy options on magnets!) or extensions. But these are auxiliary methods. Still, it’s always better to grow your own – long and fluffy! It’s important to remember: beautiful lashes are healthy lashes. Accustom yourself to take good care of them.

Gentle cleansing before going to bed, applying nourishing and conditioning serums are important steps on the way to healthy and beautiful lashes. By bypassing these steps, you run the risk of experiencing lash loss and breakage.

In addition, you need to be wary of certain habits that worsen the condition of your lashes and contribute to their damage and loss. Check yourself!

The first reason: you curl your eyelashes.

If you are the owner of long but straight lashes, you are probably close “friends” with a curler, a tool for curling. Unfortunately, the frequent and repeated use of this beauty-accessory can lead to a weakening of lashes and subsequently to their brittleness.

It is known that the curling effect in this case is achieved by pressing the lashes. When you press the hairs in the same place several times, it physically damages them and inevitably leads to breakage.

So what to do? Of course, the best thing to do is not to use this gadget. If you can’t do without it, then choose a quality model and use it wisely.

Remember: first curling tongs and only then mascara. The thing is that the mascara makes the lashes stiffer, and such loss of elasticity is fraught with damage. Also, make sure that the rubber parts of the curler don’t have any mascara residue on them: this sticky mass can pull the lashes out.

Second reason: You’re stressed.

Stress can lead to hair loss on the head and it is logical that a similar “punishment” can catch up with our eyelashes. How does this work? It’s simple: stress pushes hair follicles into the telogen phase (resting time), which is when hair loss usually occurs.

It doesn’t matter if you’re under a lot of stress physically or emotionally. Alas, the consequences will always be the same.

Fortunately, once the traumatic factors are removed, the hair will grow back. Just remember to pay attention to your own physical and emotional comfort.

The third reason: you are extending your eyelashes

Improperly performed procedures for extensions can provoke a slight loss of your own eyelashes. It is very important to choose carefully both the salon and the master. It is not necessary to chase the cheapness or to do the procedure at home.

Only an experienced expert will be able to choose the right size “extra” lashes, so they do not weigh down the look. Yes, and remove them very carefully – otherwise you can cause damage to your own lashes!

Keep in mind, if your eyelashes did fall out or break off, the recovery process will not start before three to four weeks. To speed up the growth, take omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids or fish oil. These supplements not only have a positive effect on our hair, but also on our skin!

Reason four: You don’t wash off your makeup before bedtime

We all know you should wash off your makeup before bedtime, but… sometimes you’re so lazy! If you practice this “only on holidays,” there’s probably nothing wrong. The problems will start if you decide to make it a habit.

First, mascara can “seal” the lashes themselves and thus dry them out. And second, sleeping with mascara can increase the likelihood of bacterial infection, which is inflammation, irritation and – in the long run – loss of lashes and a painful recovery process.

Reason five: you rub your eyes.

This point is closely related to the previous one. Itching and irritation prompts you to rub your eyes aggressively, and the mechanical action weakens them considerably. If your eyes itch very badly, as an emergency measure, forget about eye makeup for a while and wipe your eyes with special wipes or lotions. If the discomfort persists for a long time, do not delay in seeing a doctor. Burning and discomfort can be a symptom of different conditions, and it’s best to find out as soon as possible.

When you are removing makeup, be gentle: rub a cotton pad with micellar water or lotion on your eyelids for a few seconds and then gently sweep away the rest of your makeup.

Reason six: Trichotillomania

Trichotillomania is a chronic disorder that includes irresistible and repetitive urges to pull out hair on different parts of the body.This problem requires professional help from a psychologist, and if you notice something like this for yourself – do not hesitate, go to the doctor!

Eyelashes can become thinner and shorter with a lack of protein, vitamins, microelements, anemia (including latent), hypothyroidism, as well as inflammatory diseases of the eyelids (demodekoz, atopic dermatitis).

If eyelashes suddenly thinned for no apparent reason (trichotillomania, false eyelashes), then it is reason to see a doctor and take tests to detect the above-mentioned diseases. And only then already prescribe treatment.

To summarize:

  • Be gentle! Don’t rub your eyes and use special eye makeup products.
  • Take care of your hygiene. Wash your face, rinse off your mascara, and stay away from your eyes with dirty hands.
  • Before extensions, always carefully study the reviews on the master.
  • Use nourishing serums. They not only stimulate growth, but also normalize elasticity.
  • Never hesitate to visit a doctor.