Wrinkle rubbing technique: all about the strange secret of eternal youthfulness of Japanese women

Asian beauty secrets always seem a little strange and incomprehensible to us. For example, recently we told you about the miracle 3-second rule, which many Korean women follow in their facials. And now let’s talk about a magical technique that Japanese women use to prolong their youth.

We’re going to talk about a special massage of the face – in other words, its strong rubbing. According to the witch doctors from the Land of the Rising Sun, it is able not only to protect against premature aging, but also to normalize blood pressure, and activate the work of the brain.

Rubbing wrinkles on the face is also not mindless – you need to do it according to specific rules. Remember that such a massage is best done in the morning. Now catch the detailed instructions on rejuvenating rubbing.

How to rub your face properly:

  • Warm up your palms: they should be warm before the massage;
  • Place your palms on your face so that the middle fingers touch the sides of your nose;
  • Massage your face gently and gently, moving upwards to the forehead and onto the cheeks;
  • Repeat 30-40 such movements.